Things I'm Digging - a minimal web-based RSS aggregator. Easily customizable.

Safari Extensions - a new feature with Safari 5. Empower your browser. Instillation instructions here. - a sort of for images. Gorgeous UI that allows for easy posting across social networks.

Cloudapp - a menu bar app that allows users to store web pages for later cloud-based reading. Excellent as a way station for later consideration.

View Unredered Video in Final Cut Pro

I'm making my way through Larry Jordan's amazing new book, Edit Well: Final Cut Studio Techniques from the Pros and came across a real gem.

In FCP a red across the top of the timeline indicates that files must be rendered in order to see them during playback. Using the keystroke option-p, however, allows you to plow right through. This is a great way to see if effects are timed correctly before actually committing to rendering.

Managing Media Overload

My attempt to stay sane while scouring the internets:

  • - the indispensable free bookmarking site. I use the official delicious firebox plugin to tag sites I'll probably never view again but want a record of should I have a hankering to revisit the Mafia Nickname Generator.
  • Yojimbo - from Bare Bones software, the makers of BBEedit, this mac application acts like a desktop version of delicious, locally storing URLs for websites you'd like to revisit. Using the Yojimbo bookmarlet, you can easily add URLS or an archived PDF to the application. Yojimbo will also store images, pdfs, and encrypted texts. Helps keep your desktop clean. ($39.00, free trial)
  • Todo (iphone link) - a great iPhone application for keeping lists. It syncs will the free web app Toodledoo. ($9.99)