Plastic Bullet for iPhone

Plastic Bullet is a $1.99 iPhone app from Red Giant Software, makers of the essential Final Cut color correction tool Magic Bullet Looks.

Unlike other camera apps, like the omnipresent Hipstamatic, Plastic Bullet offers no real way to control the look of your image.

For each picture you take, Plastic Bullet offers four alternate versions. Don't like what you see? Simply press the randomize button and you'll see four new choices.

Fortunately, most options are pretty stunning.


How I Use Social Networks

A coworker recently asked which social networking sites I use. I thought I'd take the opportunity to break down my "strategy." Blogs I blog here at, of course, and have also written extensively for the MediaStorm blog. (See the tutorial section.)

I use the WordPress plugin, WP to Twitter to automatically update Twitter when I create a new post.

I also have two tumblr sites. Tumblr makes blogging fun; it's an easy way to repost things I find on the tubes.

I save pictures to my dropbox during the week then post on Sundays.

Finally, I am the proprietor of a single serving site,


I have three twitter accounts. The first is my personal and often neglected feed @gboy.  It's neglected because I spend most of my time curating @MediaStorm. There you'll find lots of links about photography, infograghics, Final Cut and tech news–particularly related to Apple.

Finally, there's my pet project @FCPkeystrokes where I tweet one Final Cut keyboard shortcut a day.

I use the facebook application Selective Tweets which posts my @gboy updates to facebook if they include the hash tag #fb.

My Twitter tools of choice are Tweetie for the iPhone as well as the desktop version.

I post, however, using the web application Hootsuite. Hootsuite provides an excellent bookmarklet that when clicked automatically populates a new tweet with the name of the current web site and a shortened link. The only drawback is the link creates an iFrame on the resulting page.


Flickr is the main archive for my photography online. I also use the online editing site Picnik for last minute color corrections. Picnik can be set up to work from within the Flickr interface. For more information on integrating Picnik see Flickr's FAQ.

Pictures I make with my iPhone, I email to the dead-simple blogging site Posterous which promptly posts them. Posterous can also autopost to a number of other social sites.

I've set up my account to post a link on twitter and repost images to Facebook as well.


I've just started using which uses dropdown menus to compact your social network in to a very useful aggregation.

What Did I Miss?

I'm always on the lookout for new sites and cool tools so I've overlooked one of your favorites please drop me or add a comment below. I'd love to hear from you.

iPhone Time Lapse: One Hour with Bob Sacha

[qt: 448 336] Last week I twittered on the MediaStorm feed about's TimeLapse application for the iPhone. The $0.99 app offers easy controls that let you set the interval between shots as well as the length of your session. I pasted the results in to Final Cut.

(Not responsible for Bob's antics at the sight of a camera.)

Indespinsable iPhone Apps

AIM - AOL and .mac instant message clientBookmarks - scroll through your tags and bookmarks Circulator* - keep track of loaned books and CDs Cube Runner - great first-person flying game Exposure - Flickr viewer Facebook - facebook client Hanoi - drag-and-drop logic game Koi Pond* - not exactly a game, but amazing graphics and interaction More Cowbell - "I got a fever..." Othello - classic board game Showtimes - awesome movie finder, with maps, showtimes, and reviews TipStar - fast tip calculator Todo* - list manager Twitterrific - twitter client Urbanspoon - restaurant locator WordPress - remote blogging tool

All free unless indicated by *

iPhone App Organization

There's got to be a better way for Apple to organize apps than throwing them willy-nilly all over the place. Say, folders. Plus, when you download updates, which seem to occur everyday, iPhone throws them on the last page of your home screen. So, self-orgimization seems for the moment to be fruitless.