Fuck the Fear, circa London, 1977

They [The Clash] were afraid to play until they saw the Ramones. I mean, Paul [Simonon] and Mick [Jones] told the Ramones, “Now that we’ve seen you, we’re gonna be a band.” The Ramones said, “You gotta play, guys. You know, come out of the basement and play. That’s what we did.”

Basically the Ramones said to them, which they said to countless other bands, “You don't have to be better, just get out there, you’re as good as you are. Don't wait until you’re better, how are you gonna ever know? Just go out there and do it.”

That’s what the Ramones got from The New York Dolls, you know, “What are we waiting for?”

To me that’s the important part of it, what bands pass along to other bands by way of confidence.”

—Danny Fields, manager of the Ramones. Quoted in Please Kill Me by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain