The Minimal Desktop

4064323158_8c7924555d_b-1 I used to be a slob. Or rather, I'm still a slop but after working at MediaStorm for the last three years, I've become a bit of a neat freak when it comes to organizing my computer.

Besides the hard drive, my desktop also sports my dropbox folder. Dropbox offers easy cloud storage in what looks and acts like an ordinary Finder folder. The free account boasts 50G of storage.

On my menu bar:

  • Hazel: a utility that sorts files according to personalized rules. Think Mail rules for the Finder.
  • Dropbox: Unfortunately, Dropbox does not offer am option to remove its menu bar icon.
  • Spirited Away: small utility that hides applications after a user-defined period of time. Keeps the clutter down.

Also, is an excellent resource for running a clean ship on your mac.

The minimal desktop is a thing of beauty. And as the poet said, A thing of beauty is a joy forever.