Dominate the Keyboard When Logging Video in Final Cut

Using the mouse to log video is deadly slow. I know, I've been there. Fortunately, I learned a time-saving technique while slogging my way through 150-plus hours of reality TV footage, many years ago.

First, put all video from a single source tape on to one sequence. Label the sequence with the same name as the original tape.

Before pressing the space bar to play, mark an In point. Now, press the space bar. As you play through your footage, continue to press 'O' to update your Out point on the fly.

When you reach the end of the scene, you have two options; do you want to keep or delete the footage?

To keep the footage, simply press 'I' to mark an In point. You're marker will update, effectively leaving the previous footage alone. Continue  the process above, updating your Out marker until you reach the end of the next section.

If you want to delete the scene you've marked with an In and Out point, use the number pad 'del' key to ripple delete the selection, thus closing the gap between the two adjacent clips. As soon as you hit delete, remember to hit "I" to mark a new In point. This is key as it readies you to perform the process again on the next scene.

At first, it's awkward. You may find yourself lurching for the mouse. Resist the pull to the dark side. The force is strong with this technique.