Final Cut Pro Wishlist #2

Final Cut desperately needs the ability to create watch folders. Here's what I'm talking about. Usually I export my images from Aperture to the Finder. Then, I drag that folder of pictures straight in to the FCP browser. What happens though when I need to go back to Aperture and export new images to that same folder? Well, I have to hunt for the new image, then drag it back to the correct Browser bin.

It's a tedious process.

But what if I could assign a browser bin to stay in sync with it's Finder level counterpart? iTunes has smart folders. Final Cut should have them, too. Other program call them watch folders.

I suspect, though, that the real culprit is the legacy Carbon code on which FCP is built. And that just may be the biggest wish of all. Update Carbon to Cocoa and now we're talking a 64-bit app that is multiprocessor aware and can finally access more than 4G of RAM.

Don't think Apple hasn't heard that request.