Final Cut Pro Keystrokes on Twitter

In a previous post I detailed an easy way to export a master list of all FCP shortcut keys. The list is a tad overwhelming.

So in my quixotic effort to learn every Final Cut shortcut key, I've begun FCPKeystrokes on Twitter: one shortcut per tweet, one tweet a day. The feed will continue until I make my way through the list or until forever, whichever comes first.*

Honestly, I'm not sure if this experiment is helpful to anyone else, but for me, it offers an opportunity to at least try 'em all out. Hopefully, the useful ones will stick. (Option-clicking on a bin will open the bin in a new tab within your Browser window.)

Feedback is welcome at @FCPKeystrokes.

* I'm using the tweet scheduler so that I can write the week's keystrokes in advance.