Final Cut Pro Internal Tools

This tip comes from Jon Chappell's Guide to Final Cut Pro Internal Tools published on Final Cut contains a set of developer tools that by default are hidden from us mortals. To see them hold down Cmd+Option+Shift and click the Tools menu. The Tools menu now contains an option for Internal Tools.

Most of these options are rather cryptic but the App/Perf Info dumps system and FCP information in to a text file. Perhaps most relevant, is the File Data section that reveals the number and types of files used in your project as well as the number of sequences you've created. Keep in mind that these statistics are based on all open projects.

In the Editing Information section of the file, you'll find the most revealing statistic; how many edits you've performed since the application launched. Facebook users might want to look away.

For more information on the entire internal tool set, see Jon Chappell's article.