Final Cut Wish List

Converting analog assets to digital media is always slow, as the transfer must happen in real time. Thus, capturing DV footage is the primary hurddle in my Final Cut work flow. I used to capture tapes one clip at a time. I'd review each tape, slowly marking clips as I went, then capture my selections for each tape at the end. On a good day, I might work through four one-hour tapes.

This process is no longer feasible. Now, I capture the tape in one go, end-to-end without breaks. But this creates a new problem: how to effectively create individual clips from within Final Cut. Sure, there are numerous ways to do this but each seems to have drawbacks: subclips without handles or loading cut sections in to the browser and then renaming them. There has to be a better solution.

At lunch last week, Bob Sacha informed me that in Pro Tools you can create a new clip by simply renaming a section from within the timeline. Quick and easy. So Apple, if you're listening...

While you're at it, how about a right-click option to add labels in the timeline, too?