Alfred I. duPont Columbia University Award
Winner, duPont Award: “Undesired.” 

Emmy Award
Nominee, New Approaches: Current New Coverage: Japan's Disposable Workers.”
Nominee, New Approaches to News and Documentary Programming “A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan.”
Nominee, Documentary for Broadband: “Crisis Guide: Pakistan.”  
Nominee, Documentary for Broadband: “Undesired.”  
Nominee, Documentary Programming: Arts, Lifestyle, & Culture: “AirSick: An Industrial Devolution.”  
Nominee, Documentary for Broadband: “Driftless: Stories from Iowa.”  
Nominee, Current News Coverage:” Surviving the Tsunami.”  
Winner, Business &Financial Reporting: “Crisis Guide: The Global Economy.”  
Winner, Documentary for Broadband: “Kingsley’s Crossing.” 
Nominee, Documentary for Broadband: BLOODLINE: AIDS and Family.”  

Edward R. Murrow Award
Winner, Website by a National Online News Organization.

Webby Award
Winner, Documentary: Series: “2013 ICP Infinity Awards.”  
Nominee, Documentary: Individual Episode: “A Thousand More.”  
Nominee, Public Service and Activism: “Undesired.”  
Official Honoree, News & Politics: Individual Episode: Crisis Guide: Pakistan.”  
Official Honoree, Rich Media: Non-Profit/Educational “Global Governance Monitor: Public Health.”  
Official Honoree, Documentary: Individual Episode “Take Care.”  
Winner, Best Editing: “Driftless.”
Nominee, Documentary: Individual Episode:” Driftless.”  
Official Honoree, Rich Media: Educational/Non-Profit: “Global Governance Monitor: Nuclear Proliferation.”  
Official Honoree, Rich Media: Educational/Non-Profit: “Global Governance Monitor: Public Health.”  
Winner, Online Film and Video: “Finding the Way Home.”  
Official Honoree, Reality: “Love in the First Person.”  
Nominee, Broadband: “MediaStorm.”  
Nominee, Public Service and Activism: “Eyes on Zimbabwe.”  
Winner, Magazine category: “MediaStorm.”  

Online Journalism Award

Nominee, Online Video Journalism, Small Site: Take Care.”
Winner, Small Site: “Driftless.”
Nominee, Excellence in Online Journalism, Small Site: “”

World Press Photo

Third Place, Multimedia, Long Feature: Japan’s Disposable Workers: Net Café Refugees.”

OverSeas Press Club of America

Winner, Best Use of Multimedia Award:Crisis Guide: Pakistan.” 

NPPA Best of Photojournalism
Second Place Multimedia Portfolio 2014Honorable MentionDocumentary Visual Column: “2013 ICP Infinity Awards,” 2013
Second Place (Thesis Advisor), Documentary Multimedia Story: “Follow My Steps,” 2013
First Place, Feature Multimedia Story: “A Thousand More,” 2012
Honorable Mention, Best Use of the Web: “A Thousand More,” 2012
Honorable Mention, Multimedia Package: “The Gulf Spill,” 2012
First Place, Feature Video, inde: “Family Koctail,” 2010
Honorable Mention, Feature Video, inde: “Hold Out,” 2010
Second Place, News or Feature Multimedia Package: “Surviving the Tsunami,” 2010
Third Place, Documentary Video: “Driftless,” 2010
Second Place, Documentary Video: “Rape of a Nation,” 2008
First Place, Documentary Video: “Black Market,” 2008
Third Place, Best Multimedia Package: “Black Market,” 2008
First Place, Best Multimedia Package: “Kingsley’s Crossing,” 2007
Third Place, Best Multimedia Package: “BLOODLINE: AIDS and Family,” 2007

Pictures of the Year International
Third Place, Documentary Photojournalism,
The Last Move
Second Place, Best Website MediaStorm, 2013
Finalist, Documentary Project of the Year: “A Darkness Visible,” 2011
Award of Excellence, Long Form Multimedia: 
A Darkness Visible,” 2012
Award of Excellence, Feature Multimedia Story: 
A Thousand More,” 2012
First Place, Issue Reporting: “Undesired,” 2011
Second Place, Documentary Project of the Year: “Driftless,” 2010
First Place, Best Use of Multimedia – Small Markets: “MediaStorm,” 2008
Award of Excellence, Best Multimedia Project: “Black Market,” 2008
First Place, Best Use of Interactive Publication – Small Markets:MediaStorm,” 2007
Second Place, Best Multimedia News Story: “BLOODLINE: AIDS and Family,” 2007

Editor and Publisher
Winner, Best Web Special Feature: “Surviving the Tsunami,” 2010

Media for Liberty Award
Winner, Liberty Award, “Darkness Visible, Afghanistan,” 2012

Casey Award
Honorable Mention, Video: Short Form “A Thousand More,” 2012

France 21 – RFI
Nominee, Web Documentary Award 2010: Surviving the Tsunami,” 2010
Nominee, Web Documentary Award 2011: Crisis Guide: Pakistan,” 2011

Society for News Design
Winner, Best of Multimedia Design: “ Finding the Way Home,” 2008

Interactive Media Awards
Winner, Nonprofit “ Crisis Guide: Pakistan,” 2011

The Anthropographia Award for Human Rights
Shortlist, Award for Multimedia and Human Rights: “I Know Where I’m Going,” 2013
Shortlist, Award for
Multimedia and Human Rights:
 “A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan,” 2012
Honorary Mention, Award for Multimedia and Human Rights: “Rape of a Nation,” 2010

FotoWeek DC International
First Place, Multimedia: “A Darkness Visible,” 2012
Second Place, Multimedia: “Broken Lines,” 2012
First Place, Multimedia: “A Thousand More,” 2011
First Place, Multimedia – Documentary Storytelling and Experimental:Take Care,” 2010
Award of Excellence, New Media – Experimental: “Iraqi Kurdistan,” 2009
Award of Merit, New Media – Documentary: “Driftless,” 2009

Overseas Press club of America
Citation: “Crisis Guide: The Global Economy,” 2010

Telly Awards
Bronze, Education: “Global Governance Monitor: Nuclear Nonproliferation,” 2010
Bronze, Information: “Global Governance Monitor: Nuclear Nonproliferation,” 2010
Bronze, Education: “Global Governance Monitor: Finance,” 2010

Film Festivals
Tiburon International Film Festival: “Iraqi Kurdistan,” 2008
Black Maria Film and Video Festival: “Iraqi Kurdistan,” 2007
New York International Independent Film and Video Festival: “Iraqi Kurdistan,” 2007
Silverdocs Documentary Film Festival: “Iraqi Kurdistan,” 2007
Twin Rivers Media Festival: “Iraqi Kurdistan,” 2007

Selected TV Awards, with Dancing Toad Productions
The Peabody Award, 2003
Shine Award, 2004
Cable Positive Awards, 2004
Parents Choice Award, 2001 – 2003, 2005
Beacon Award, 2001, 2004
TASH Image Award, 2001
Prix Jeunesse International Television Festival, Finalist, 2000, 2002
Creativity CTAM, Silver, 2000

Fourth place, International Juggler’s Association, Junior Division, 1983
Texas State Magic Champion, 1982